About Underhill Motors

How it all began...

  • Edwin Underhill came home from the Korean war early one morning in 1955. By 12:00 noon the same day he made a decision that started a ripple that has echoed through several generations of his family; lasting over 60 years; - He took a job selling cars at a local dealership. 

  • Edwin started out selling new Studebakers, Packards & International Harvesters (pickup trucks & tractors). Along with new vehicles and tractors, they also sold appliances! (the original "one-stop-shop") Back when Edwin starting selling cars you could buy a brand newfully loaded Studebaker for only $1,190! - But, "fully loaded" today does not mean the same as it did in 1955. 

Fully loaded vehicles in the 1950's only came with floor mounted heaters, a rearview mirror, and a rear bumper. That's it! 

  • Soon after, Edwin & his late wife, Robbie, started Underhill Motors. They have carried new and used cars and trucks, as well as rental cars and tractors since opening their business.  The Underhill's have always worked hard to offer the most reliable and affordable vehicles, but with the price of new cars steadily climbing over the years they decided that the best value for their customers was to get out of the new car circus and offer the highest quality pre-owned cars and trucks for the best prices possible. For decades now they've only carried the best pre-owned and used cars available, and are proud to save their customers thousands of dollars compared to expensive new car markups from other dealers.

  • Edwin and Robbie retired a few years ago and handed the reins over to their son Eddie and his wife Sheila.
Eddie grew up in the car business. As a little boy Eddie used to come to work with his Mom & Dad dressed in his tiny overalls, and talk every customer's ear off just like they were family. Some things never change. He still comes to work in his (not-so-tiny) overalls and he still treats every customer like family.

  • Eddie & Sheila's son Hunter has also joined the family business. Hunter handles the wholesale aspect of the business, as well as aftermarket parts and vehicle accessories. The little ones in overalls nowadays are Eddie & Sheila's grandsons. (Edwin & Robbie's Great Grandsons!) 

Maybe one day they will be the future generation of Underhill's who believe that we are doing so much more than simply selling people cars! 
We are helping people turn one of life's most stressful experiences into something so much more enjoyable; 
and turning strangers into family in the process.

The Underhill's are proud to have been such a fundamental part of middle Tennessee's car market all these years and they hope to preserve Edwin & Robbie's legacy with the same honesty, integrity and down-home values that has made this small family business one of the most trusted car dealers in Tennessee for the past 6 decades!

Our Staff

  • FoundersMr. Edwin Underhill & his late wife, Mrs. Robbie Underhill

  • Owners/ Operators: Eddie & Sheila Underhill

  • Wholesale/Sales/Parts: Hunter Underhill

  • Sales/PartsTyler Jenkins

  • Furry Family/Mascots: Bella & Roxie

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